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STAC: Dance Pad IO


Have a dance pad without a cabinet? This small electronic board is designed to connect that pad to a computer via USB while retaining full light control!

One board bundle contains everything you need to connect one player side of your existing DDR , PIU, or ITG dance pad to your computer, sending the inputs to the game, and fully controlling your lights!

1 × STAC Board
STAC Board – Pad Type: DDR

In stock (can be backordered)

STAC Board – Pad Type: PIU/ITG

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1 × USB Cable, Type B, 15ft

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1 × DC Power Adapter, 120/240VAC, 12v, 1A
DC Power Adapter, 120/240VAC, 12v, 1A – Plug Type: None

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DC Power Adapter, 120/240VAC, 12v, 1A – Plug Type: US

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In stock (can be backordered)

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The STAC (Stop Throwing Away Cabinets) board is a small electronic PCB that allows you to connect your dance pad to a modern computer to play modern dance games!

One board will connect one player side of your dance pad to your computer to play your favorite games keeping your lighting functionality in tact!


  • Easy Installation. Unplug (and save!) your original pad IO, and plug in the STAC. Done.
  • Reactive Lighting. Press a panel, it lights up!
  • Computer Controlled Lighting. Have the game control the lights!
    • Out of the box support for StepMania 5, openITG, notITG, Beware’s Extreme, and more!
  • Fast 1000Hz/1kHz polling. It “just works”
  • Updateable Firmware. Find a bug, we will fix it!
  • Set Player 1 and Player 2 on the board directly. No more “guessing” which pad is which in game!
  • Startup Lighting Animation. Soak in those glorious lights.
  • All 20 individual sensors individually sampled and tested. No dead spots!
  • Fast debouncing. Player engineered, player tested, player proven.
  • Custom configuration utility for displaying individual sensor information and changing board settings.
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support.
  • Free support. I want that pad flashing as badly as you do!
  • 1 year warranty



STAC is designed SOLELY FOR PAD ONLY PLAY it does NOT connect to any other arcade hardware other than a consumer computer. It does NOT allow for any of the cabinet buttons, cabinet lights, CRT or LCD monitor, coin drop, or coin counter to function. This was designed ONLY to connect pad setups to computers for travel play, space saving setups, and cabinets that have tripped the light fantastic.


Gameplay Showcase:


Wait how many do I need to buy?

One board gets you one pad! So if you purchase one board that gets you four or five panels of dancing goodness with beautiful lights.

If you have a doubles setup, you will need to buy TWO to experience eight or ten panels of fun.

Does STAC support FSRs?

No sadly STAC is designed to support the stock sensor configuration of your dance pad.

Electronically STAC cannot be expanded to support FSRs in the future. It does not have enough analog to digital conversion circuitry to preform the task.

If I don’t want lights, do I need to plug in the power adapter?

Nope! STAC’s logic and input is run only off the USB lead from the computer.

If you don’t want lights at the moment, feel free to leave the DC barrel jack unplugged.

I have a cabinet, can this control the lights on it?

No sadly! This board is designed only for pad use so it can only control the 4/5 lights in the dance pad.

If you have a cabinet this may not be the solution for you!

Wait how much current can this board power for the lights?

While STAC was designed with LEDs in mind due to their availaiblity on the market, STAC can handle up to 5.8A of current at 30V per panel assuming you connected the right power supply.

So if you’d like to power the sun in a panel, you certainly can!

They have been tested against both LEDs and the stock neons.

Manual and Downloads

Manual Download

Lighting Tools and Configuration Utility (Windows)

Stock Information

Current Status:

  • Preorders shipped, back in stock.


  • 2021-03-13: Initial Launch
  • 2021-03-14: Sold Out
  • 2021-03-14: Second Batch on Order
  • 2021-03-24: Production delay on PCB production now shipping to me for inspection/assembly. Estimated tracking shows 3/30; however they run fast.
  • 2021-03-29: PCBs arrived, assembled and tested. Backorders have been shipped.
  • 2021-03-30: In stock, ready for shipment.
  • 2021-05-03: Sold out! Thank you so much!
  • 2021-05-06: New batch in production, back order enabled.
  • 2021-05-21: Boards arrived and inspected. Waiting PCB Feet and more USB Cable stock.
  • 2021-08-23: Reworked design to fit chips in stock. Submitted production run. Usual turn around is ~2.5wks.
  • 2021-09-15: PCBs and accessories arrived, populated connectors, ready to ship.